深澤 浩洋 教授・博士(体育科学)
FUKASAWA, Koyo: Ph.D. Professor


研究内容 research interest

 スポーツにおける拡大体験 expanding experience in sport

 シティズンシップ教育としての体育 P.E. citizenship education

好きな言葉 favorite words


    means that you will not deserve that name if you give up on reaching it  although you know its impossibility  

あなたにとって哲学とは What is philosophy for you?


    watching ambiguity 


坂本 拓弥 助教・博士(教育学)
SAKAMOTO, Takuya: Ph.D. Assistant Professor


研究内容 research interest

 スポーツと人間の欲望 our desires in/about/around sports


    lived body of teacher/coach and student/athlete

好きな言葉 favorite words

 初心忘るべからず Never forget the beginner's humility

あなたにとって哲学とは What is philosophy for you?


     to keep learning to see the human being anew


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